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29 Jan 2012. The relevance of a liberal-arts education and the need to ensure its robust. Here I would quote one of my predecessors at Wellesley, Alice.

Liberal arts education is the traditional program of education in Western higher educational institutions. Liberal arts today consists of four types of areas: the.

3 Feb 2013. I said that a liberal arts education is as important, or even more important, than a math and science education (here's the clip). Some people.

11 Apr 2013. of liberal arts education, Andrew Delbanco, a noted Melville scholar, illustrates one of his central points with a quotation from Moby Dick.

Best Quotes on Industrial Arts and Technology: Industrial Arts and. The arts are called liberal, because they enable those who practise them to live in freedom.

17 Sep 2012. The division between vocational and liberal arts education, which began. and John Dewey on this point, and quotes Nathaniel Hawthorne:.

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Of course the main requirement of speeches like this is that I'm supposed to talk about your liberal arts education's meaning, to try to explain why the degree you.

Early Philosopher Believed That Spoken And Written Words Served As Forces For Social Change One of the most enraging to me, written by some lame-o whose. I will put his words in quotes lest anyone mistakenly believe that I am any kind of authority on this subject. I believe it might be that at the core of every. solely on the face of one principal character while no dialogue

So what exactly do we mean by liberal education, and why do we care so. to the liberal arts," which in turn derives from the Latin word liber, meaning "free.

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1 Dec 2008. Another misunderstanding of Newman's idea of a liberal education is that he was advocating the study of the liberal arts for the usual kind of.

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